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Crack that Coconut!.



Young green coconut water provides a hydrating, cleansing, potassium rich lubricant for the organs – inside and out, that will show off its benefits through your energy level and in the glow of your skin. But, beware! If you chug a liter or two in one quick sitting you may feel the subsequent lubrication work its way into your bowels in a fierce manner. So be ready for the super cleansing effects at a moment notice. Although this may serve as a good for you, I’d recommend a constant dose of coconut water throughout the day to keep your system balanced and happy.


That all being said, the coconut provides many amazing healthy treats, that I seriously cannot get enough of. And, once you get beyond the distinctive taste (that personally takes me back to my childhood experience of the remnants of a bowl of fruit loops) you’ll be reveling in the benefits too. From my reading I’ve discovered that the vast amounts of potassium in coconut water far exceeds that of the potassium levels in sports drinks, and to top that off, provides natural vs. manufactured electrolytes that will keep your body going throughout your Olympian training, hard-core work-out, or even your day of work under those blaring ultraviolet lights and stale air-conditioned air. Any way you turn your day, hydration is key. This is a known fact. What I learned recently is that when you consistently flush your body of toxins with a diuretic like coconut water, your system does not have to rely on your liver and kidney to cleanse your body. Sounds like a good deal to me! And, in the line of that – goodbye nasty cranberry juice in the light of an oncoming bladder infection. Coconut water will keep you clean, cleansed, and happy! Because the hydration from this precious tropical nectar is like no other. It actually has the same electrolyte content as found in human blood and was used intravenously in WWII. You can’t say that about Gatorade. Although, some sports doctors say that the natural coconut does not provide enough sodium for athletes. I say, shake a little extra sea-salt on your meal. The minerals, vitamins, electrolytes found in coconut water have such a healing effect, that there are studies showing that it cleanses our bladders, relieves out kidneys and livers from unnecessarily hard work, clears our pores and hydrates the skin, helps with glaucoma, and may even help reduce cancer risks. Give it a go! Crack that cocunut! And, see what you think! I’d love to know what benefits you reap from drinking this jewel – coconut water! Try One, Vitacoco or Zico!


Actually, One Coconut Water seems to me making the rounds recently. I found a stack of One bottles ready for the VIP at Sole Society’s fundraiser for The Art of Elisium! And, I must say, it was a tasty, tasty treat!


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