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Spraying SPF – It’s Gotta Stop.


I hate to say it. I hate to complain. But, I’m really tired of breathing in the airborne oils from other people spraying their SPF sunscreens nearby. I’m tired of getting it in my eyes.


It seems no matter how much I try to block the spray from entering into and landing upon my body, the spray somehow, relentlessly (albeit gently) finds its way to me. I put my arms up, my towel, my hands, my book in front of my face, the bill of my hat further down, I squint my eyes – even close them, but to no avail.


Should not it be our own choice what we put upon our skin? It cannot be healthy to breath in the oily substances, nor to have them glaze one’s eye. It may provide a bit of a smudged view of the outside world, to say the least.

Honestly, spray SPF’s are intrusive. And, they clearly are inefficient, seeing as the sunscreen in this form has proven to travel and land on and in many other areas other than what the sprayer intends. I seriously see no way to keep these mists of oils at bay, other than to just simply ban them altogether. Although, I don’t foresee that happening before summer’s end. So, instead, I solemnly swear to never use a spray SPF in effort to be considerate and less wasteful.

Are you with me?

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