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I seriously could not sit down for a couple of days after Equinox Marina del Rey’s Empowering Self Defense class! Two fabulous trainers, Aaron Delgrolice and Junior Amazon, lead 6 women to punch, kick, flip, trip and get away quick!


I left ready to come back and keep on going! And the next day proved these trainers most definitely got the most out of me. I was sore, sore, sore! The experience could not have been more fun or motivating! You can read more about it through my article on Ask Miss A.

Sign yourself up for the next self defense class or jump in to start training with Aaron or Junior right away through Equinox Marina del Rey! Contact He’ll set you up proper!


Come out to Equinox Marina del Rey for a women’s defense class TODAY that will build confidence, skill and peace of mind. And, to top it off you’ll get your Equinox initiation fee waved, so you can join this fabulous, elegant, state-of-the art gym with ease!


Learn more here!


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