While I consider myself a skin care junkie, for years the Epicuren skin care line has been my base. And, after going through an extensive rendezvous with a number of lines for a variety of purposes, I have come back more knowledgeable and appreciative. The ingredients in each of Epicuren’s products are from natural sources – nut oils, algae, fruit extracts – the lists of fresh contents will amaze. While other products might make your skin feel clean and fresh, you just might be astounded by what you’re actually putting on your face. Epicuren products not only boast incredible effects, especially when used consistently and over a long period of time, but what each product consists of will also heal, hydrate, condition, nourish and recharge your skin with pure, natural, ingredients – and nothing else.


Through my “research” I have found some other amazing products that can be used for specific purposes and even in conjunction with your staple skin care line, whether it’s Epicuren or another fabulous product. And, I’ll be posting my thoughts and experiences with all that I find!

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