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Spraying SPF – It’s Gotta Stop.


I hate to say it. I hate to complain. But, I’m really tired of breathing in the airborne oils from other people spraying their SPF sunscreens nearby. I’m tired of getting it in my eyes.


It seems no matter how much I try to block the spray from entering into and landing upon my body, the spray somehow, relentlessly (albeit gently) finds its way to me. I put my arms up, my towel, my hands, my book in front of my face, the bill of my hat further down, I squint my eyes – even close them, but to no avail.


Should not it be our own choice what we put upon our skin? It cannot be healthy to breath in the oily substances, nor to have them glaze one’s eye. It may provide a bit of a smudged view of the outside world, to say the least.

Honestly, spray SPF’s are intrusive. And, they clearly are inefficient, seeing as the sunscreen in this form has proven to travel and land on and in many other areas other than what the sprayer intends. I seriously see no way to keep these mists of oils at bay, other than to just simply ban them altogether. Although, I don’t foresee that happening before summer’s end. So, instead, I solemnly swear to never use a spray SPF in effort to be considerate and less wasteful.

Are you with me?

The Botox Deal.

So, what is Botox? How does it work? What side effects may ensue? And, what’s the deal?

(photo credit: EMC Fresno)

I’ll begin with The Deal! Kare Plastic Surgery & Skin Health Clinic is offering a special deal of 20 units of Botox for $169 from now until September 10th, 2012. Just tell them that Rochelle sent you!

(photo credit: Kare)

Kare is an elegant, professional clinic that offers a myriad of plastic surgery options, cosmetic dermatology, specifically targeted expert facials, and a “multidisciplinary” approach to managing skin cancers. The staff is friendly, efficient, competent, and lead by Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian, a double board certified plastic surgeon, graduate of UCLA School of Medicine, Clinical Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at the UC Irvine, and published author.

(photo credit: Kare)

While I have not experienced Botox injections from Kare, I have been undergoing laser hair removal treatments for the last 6 months, and have only good feelings about the place, the people, and the product. I’m always greeted with a nice “hello,” whisked off quickly to the laser office, and have a personable and comfortable experience. Well, as comfortable as possible while getting zapped continuously under the arms with a hot beam of light, that is. Good thing a cooling breeze accompanies the laser! But, the best thing (beyond have smoother, hairless skin) is that I’m in and out of there in a swift 15 minutes. And, although the convenient underground parking cannot be validated, the total cost has been under $5 each time. So, I can get my treatment and be on with my day.

Kare has consistently given careful consideration to my time, the treatments, and to me as a person. Based on my experience, I imagine that the same kind of attention will be given to you and your Botox treatment as well.

So, give it a go! Tell them I sent you! And, let me know what you think!

(photo credit: Thrive Portland)

Now, if you don’t know what Botox is, what it does, or the identified side effects, let’s give it a whirl. Botox and Dysport are both products that are made of the chemical Botulinum toxin. It’s injected into key areas, usually along the brow-line, forehead, and the corners of the eyes, to inhibit the ability of targeted muscles from contracting. The result seemingly retracts the time, denied hydration and other damaging elements that facilitate the formation of namely frown lines, crows feet and worry lines. And, while expression is more than beautiful, you may not want to wear the emotions of elation, fury and anxiety upon your face all at the same time.

(photo credit: In With Skin)

What’s actually happening to deny the creases from showing off is that the Botulinum is blocking the release of acetylcholine right between the nerve and muscle, thereby disallowing movement. Inhibiting movement acts as a preventative measure to keep wrinkles that are already present from deepening, and immediately smooths out those wrinkles too. Artistically injected, a brow and eye-lift can create a nice effect as well. The good thing about both of these products is that they do wear off gradually over the course of a few months, so you can adjust the injections to ultimately get the look you’re after or even stop using the product if you want to go back to au natural!

(photo credit: Botox Cosmetics)

(photo credit: Botox Cosmetics)

The side effects found are possible bruising or soreness, but these are atypical. Also, it’s possible to get a droopy brow if the injections are not placed well. This is why it is important that you go to someone who is highly qualified and gives careful attention to the structure of your face. It’s always important too, to get a consultation, so you feel comfortable and can establish a plan between you and you doctor. And, at Kare you will receive what you need.

Kare Plastic Surgery
& Skin Health Clinic
1301 20th Street, Suite 240
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Tel. 310-998-5533


Crack that Coconut!.


Young green coconut water provides a hydrating, cleansing, potassium rich lubricant for the organs – inside and out, that will show off its benefits through your energy level and in the glow of your skin. But, beware! If you chug a liter or two in one quick sitting you may feel the subsequent lubrication work its way into your bowels in a fierce manner. So be ready for the super cleansing effects at a moment notice. Although this may serve as a good for you, I’d recommend a constant dose of coconut water throughout the day to keep your system balanced and happy.


That all being said, the coconut provides many amazing healthy treats, that I seriously cannot get enough of. And, once you get beyond the distinctive taste (that personally takes me back to my childhood experience of the remnants of a bowl of fruit loops) you’ll be reveling in the benefits too. From my reading I’ve discovered that the vast amounts of potassium in coconut water far exceeds that of the potassium levels in sports drinks, and to top that off, provides natural vs. manufactured electrolytes that will keep your body going throughout your Olympian training, hard-core work-out, or even your day of work under those blaring ultraviolet lights and stale air-conditioned air. Any way you turn your day, hydration is key. This is a known fact. What I learned recently is that when you consistently flush your body of toxins with a diuretic like coconut water, your system does not have to rely on your liver and kidney to cleanse your body. Sounds like a good deal to me! And, in the line of that – goodbye nasty cranberry juice in the light of an oncoming bladder infection. Coconut water will keep you clean, cleansed, and happy! Because the hydration from this precious tropical nectar is like no other. It actually has the same electrolyte content as found in human blood and was used intravenously in WWII. You can’t say that about Gatorade. Although, some sports doctors say that the natural coconut does not provide enough sodium for athletes. I say, shake a little extra sea-salt on your meal. The minerals, vitamins, electrolytes found in coconut water have such a healing effect, that there are studies showing that it cleanses our bladders, relieves out kidneys and livers from unnecessarily hard work, clears our pores and hydrates the skin, helps with glaucoma, and may even help reduce cancer risks. Give it a go! Crack that cocunut! And, see what you think! I’d love to know what benefits you reap from drinking this jewel – coconut water! Try One, Vitacoco or Zico!


Actually, One Coconut Water seems to me making the rounds recently. I found a stack of One bottles ready for the VIP at Sole Society’s fundraiser for The Art of Elisium! And, I must say, it was a tasty, tasty treat!




While I consider myself a skin care junkie, for years the Epicuren skin care line has been my base. And, after going through an extensive rendezvous with a number of lines for a variety of purposes, I have come back more knowledgeable and appreciative. The ingredients in each of Epicuren’s products are from natural sources – nut oils, algae, fruit extracts – the lists of fresh contents will amaze. While other products might make your skin feel clean and fresh, you just might be astounded by what you’re actually putting on your face. Epicuren products not only boast incredible effects, especially when used consistently and over a long period of time, but what each product consists of will also heal, hydrate, condition, nourish and recharge your skin with pure, natural, ingredients – and nothing else.


Through my “research” I have found some other amazing products that can be used for specific purposes and even in conjunction with your staple skin care line, whether it’s Epicuren or another fabulous product. And, I’ll be posting my thoughts and experiences with all that I find!

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